$40 for 40 Campaign

During the 2013 season of Lent, Frisco Fastpacs was born.  We are asking our supporters to make a donation in a multiple of $40 during these 40 days that mean so much to Fastpacs.

$40 covers 35 meals

$160 covers 140 meals

$400 covers 350 meals

Frisco Fastpacs is a registered 501c (3).  All monetary donations are tax-deductible up to the allowance of the law.  EIN 464148733

Food donations we collect:

15oz canned fruit
15oz canned veggies
15 oz raviolis, spaghetti’o
Canned chicken, tuna
Individual Easy-Mac, Ramen
Granola bars *NO NUTS
Individual oatmeal packets
Individual desserts-rice krispy treats, cookies, gummies
Individual snack crackers-cheeze-its, goldfish, pretzels


For sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Heather Canterbury